Dense housing in mega-projects and mixed-use catalysts
National Department of Human Settlements and the Housing Development Agency (HDA) endorsed the City’s planning and delivery capacity by approving 5 of the 8 potential mega projects planned for implementation in the coming twenty to thirty years.
Mega projects are planned in alignment with City’s Economic and Public Transport Catalytic Projects. They will require approximately R120 billion in capital investment in order to deliver between 170 000 and 270 000 housing opportunities.
The mega projects which have been approved
1. Greater Cornubia (comprising Cornubia Phases 1 and 2 and Cornubia North)
2. Greater KwaMashu-Bridge City Urban Hub
3. Inner City
4. Greater Amaoti Informal Settlement Cluster
5. Umlazi Urban Regeneration
Three mega projects (Inyanginga, Greater Mpumalanga and Avoca North) are still under evaluation by the national department of Human Settlements.
The approval of the 5 mega projects mentioned above will enable further progress in creating integrated, mixed use, mixed typology projects in Cornubia, Avoca, Amaoti, Inner City, Mpumalanga, Umlazi, and the INK region.
Incremental services to informal settlements in suburban zone

The roll-out of incremental services in informal settlements will continue as the City looks for ways to increase delivery and improve living conditions in these areas of deprivation. The current phase of this initiative will benefit 70 000 households over 5 years. Incremental services comprise:

• Water standpipes
• Communal ablution/sanitation blocks
Road access in a Redcliffe informal settlement
• Solid waste removal and emergency access
• Basic road access and footpaths with related storm water controls
• Electricity on a pre-paid basis

Close-out of historic projects via the Title Deeds Restoration Program
A priority of national, provincial and local government, the title deeds restoration programme will be accelerated. Land legal issues, township establishment, infrastructure handover, and retrofit of infrastructure are key components of this programme and must be done before title deeds can be issued.

Significant strides have already been made in this programme. 642 tile deeds have been issued by the Deeds Office during 2016/17, and 462 issued to beneficiaries.
Expansion of Social Housing
Potential projects, encompassing both affordable rental and gap housing have been identified in the PINK area. These are currently in planning and could deliver up to 1000 new housing opportunities in the Bridge City area.

Several buildings in the Inner City have been identified as possible locations for new Social Housing projects. Feasibility studies are underway. Preliminary estimates are that 1960 new social housing units can be developed in buildings which are currently being poorly managed and maintained.