Delivery trends 2018-2019

Fully subsidised housing

There are currently 126 fully subsidized housing projects.  108 of these are informal settlement upgrades; 11 and rural and 7 are Greenfields projects.

42 are in detailed planning.  44 are in feasibility investigation stage. 8 are in land acquisition stage.  3 in pre-screening.  29 are currently in implementation stage.  While targets have been met or exceeded over the last 2 years, limited financial resources and conflicting priorities including responded to disasters like the 2017 and 2019 storms have meant that the targets have been reduced year on year.


Formal housing

Highlights in 2018/19 include the occupation of 300 units for the gap market (households incomes in the range of R3 500 – R20 000 per month), upgrading of 255 family units in Community Residential Units, and 176 per-1994 houses refurbished.