If I go to a local eThekwini Municipal Health clinic, what services can they offer me?
At local Health clinic you can receive treatment for minor illness, Advice on children’s growth and development,immunisation,family planning,antenatal care,voluntary councelling and testing (HIV)
If I or a member of my family have an accident, can I go to the eThekwini Municipal Health clinic?
Yes you can. The staff at the clinic will treat minor injuries and emergencies. However if the injury is serious, go straight to the hospital.
What help can I get for my baby and young children at the clinic?
 The nurses at the clinics can monitor your children’s progress.
They will give you advice on nutrition, general care and treatment of minor diseases

Are clinics only for young children and parents?
No, Health clinics are there for everyone; for babies, children, and adult and for old people as well.
What hours do the clinics open and what time do they close?
Some larger may be open all day, 7.15 to 16.00.
Other smaller clinics may only open on certain mornings of the week.
How can I found out where my nearest clinic is and when it is open?
Phone the Health Department on 300 3095 and they will tell you the address or location of your nearest clinic and the time it is open.
If I suspect I have a bad disease can I go to clinic?
The health Department runs two specialized clinics. The one is for people who think they may have a sexually transmitted disease and the other specializes in the detection of pulmonary tuberculosis [TB]. Here you can have all the tests to find out if you have contracted TB.
If I think I have TB, what can I do?
• The Prince Cyril Communicable Disease Centre (chest clinic) will supply all the medication you need to cure you of this disease.
• They will monitor your progress by keeping records of your illness and the medicines you are given.
• They will ask you to visit them regularly so they can monitor your illness and change your medication if needed.
How can I contact the Prince Cyril Communicable Disease Centre (chest clinic)?
You may phone them on 3053347 if you need advice or directions on how to get there.
What services are offered for the chronically ill person?
Person with high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, arthritis and epilepsy are monitored and their treatment is continued at larger clinics.
Is there somewhere I can go if I want to be tested for AIDS?
There is a sexually transmitted diseases clinic which is run by the Health Department. Here you can be tested for AIDS and any of the other sexually transmitted diseases at all clinics.
If I have one of these diseases, can I get treatment at the clinic?
Yes. Not only can you get treatment, the clinic also offers counselling. Both treatment and counselling are the strictest confidence and condoms are freely available.
How can I contact the clinic for sexually transmitted diseases?
You can call them on their direct line, 306 4121 and make an appointment.
I’ve heard of ATIC, but what is it?
ATIC, which stands for “AIDS Training and Information Centre” assists organisations and individuals to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.
How do they do this?
They do this through community participation, development, capacity building and support.
• One of the ways is through the distribution of pamphlets and condoms.
Does ATIC only help organizations?
 No.ATIC help any person infected with AIDS to access appropriate care and counselling.
How can I contact ATIC?
You can call them on….300 3104
What services are offered for pregnant women who are HIV positive?

Larger clinics offer the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV program in which the pregnant mom is given the drug Neviropine. The baby is monitored thereafter at regular intervals.
What do the Environmental Health Services do?

The Environmental Health Service visit people in the communities to give advice and information and carry out monitoring inspections.
What advice do they give?
Environmental Health workers will advise on safe food and water supplies. They will suggest ways of reducing rats, mosquitoes and others pests in your home or workplace.
• They will investigate problems with pollution
• They run rabies inoculation campaigns.

What inspections do the Environmental staffs carry out?
Environmental Health Officers will check public restaurants and food outlets to make sure they are clean and the food is prepared in a clean and healthy way.
They will visit old age homes, crèches, and homes for the disabled and other community care places to monitor the facilities.
How do I contact the Environmental Health Services Department?
You can phone them on their direct line which is : 300 3055
How do I contact for advice on health matters in my community?
You can contact Health Promotion Services on 300 3911 and the Community Development Services on 300 3099 and both will help.
What about Eye Testing Services?
Selected clinic sites in partnership with St John’s Clinic (NGO) offer eye testing and spectacles at a subsidized rate.
In What Way Can They Help?
Health Workers will give help and guidance with topics such as:
• Food gardening projects
• Self-employment  projects
• Youth programmes including sexuality education, anti-drug and alcohol abuse.
• Healthy eating and nutritious foods
• Information on women and children’s health issues.
Community Health Workers will give talks, workshops, seminars and training courses to the general public and educational and training institutions.