It is critical that land transport planning is integrated with the land development process and forms an essential part of the Integrated Transport Plan and the Integrated Development Plan.

One of the main thrusts of the Directorate is the development of statutory transport plans in terms of the National Land Transport Transition Act and also the preparation of other strategies and programmes to enhance the effective functioning of cities through integrated planning of transport infrastructure and facilities. In this regard the Road safety function also forms an integral function of this Directorate with the mandate to prepare and manage the implementation of the plan.

The aim of these plans is to enhance the effectiveness of the transport system and to reduce travel time and costs, to encourage and promote optimal use of modes, to facilitate the movement of people and goods, and to promote safety and security in public transport. Public consultation is encouraged and promoted and is an important aspect of the process. 

The functions are well structured which allows for both vertical and horizontal integration with other Directorates of the ETA who are invariably responsible for the implementation and operational aspects of the Transport Authority’s projects and programmes.  

 To manage the development, review, maintenance, and co-ordination of these plans / projects, the ETA’s Strategic Transport Planning Directorate has a Deputy Head, Secretary, and three Branches:

The NLTTA has defined specified projects as a statutory requirement, including:

  • Current Public Transport Records
  • Operating Licence Strategy
  • Rationalization Passenger Transport Plan
  • Passenger Transport Plan 
  • Integrated Transport Plan 

One of the key intervention areas where this Directorate will focus is in the area of land-use transport integration. This will be done with close liaison and co-ordination with the Development Planning and Management Unit and Policy Unit of the Municipality, so that restructuring of the apartheid cities can be influenced.

Contact Details:

Deputy Head: Logan Moodley
Office: (031) 311 7481