The Department is set up into three branches: Traffic Engineering, Traffic Operations and Urban Traffic Control who are jointly responsible for the management of the public street network and public parking areas. Their focus is on the oversight of all road related proposals including basic design, traffic and directional signage, road markings and signalisation to ensure the efficient movement of vehicles and people through the network.
The overall aim of the Department lies with ensuring the effective and efficient flow of traffic through the road network with an emphasis on safety and a priority on Public Transport. The Department manages the existing road network by proposing localised improvements and necessary additional network links to remove bottlenecks in the system and to maximise the use of existing infrastructure. Initiatives to further extend the network capacity through the introduction of measures such as Travel Demand Management and entrenching the use of Intelligent Transport Systems in the form of Variable Sign Messaging (VMS), electronic enforcement, etc are in progress.
The branches provide input into proposed developments throughout the city to ensure that access, signage and intersection designs are appropriate as well as to ensure that any new public roads are to acceptable standards. On an ongoing basis the branches deal with matters raised by businesses and the general public with respect to traffic signals, road safety, signage and other traffic management related issues.
The Department integrates with other Departments from other sectors to ensure the effective management of on street parking and metering, appropriate enforcement as well as the implementation of associated routine maintenance through established maintenance management processes.
Contact details:
Deputy Head: Mr Bethuel Manthoadi 
Office: (031) 311 7196