The Traffic Engineering Branch operates across the Municipal area with various focus areas including local level network analysis, route capacity improvement schemes, public transport priority schemes, development support & advanced planning and special projects.
The Branch is responsible for the planning and conceptual design of:
  • Public transport routes and high order routes through townships and new development areas
  • Road networks
  • Major and minor intersections
  • Short-term improvement schemes
  • Accident black spot elimination schemes
  • Public transport facilities
  • Public transport priority schemes
  • Traffic management policies and standards

Special projects
It also:
  • Provides advice and guidance on the planning and design of township layouts
  • Liaises and coordinates major fast-track projects
  • Advises and liaises with local authorities, provincial and government bodies, and other departments on appropriate design standards for transportation projects in the metropolitan area
  • This involves extensive liaison with Councilors, community organisations, and the public to ensure effective and efficient service delivery.


ETA manual for Traffic Impact Assessments


Traffic Calming Policy

Publication Notice 0 7​​

Publication No​tice 0 8​​

ETA TIA Manual 2015 - Version 0 1

ETA Traffic Modelling Manual - Version 0 1 2015



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FAX: (031) 305 5871
E-MAIL: Eugene.Naidoo@durban.gov.za