The Public Transport Department plans, prioritizes, designs, implements, maintains, and manages the full range of public transport services through the design, adjudication, subsidising, and monitoring of service contracts.

To do this, it implements and maintains ticketing and fare systems, and ensures that the required public transport infrastructure is in place, including:
  • The design and maintenance of bus routes
  • The rationalisation, set-up, upgrade, and maintenance of public transport (bus and taxi) ranks and stops
  • The implementation of the taxi re-capitalisation programme
  • The implementation of security services at public transport ranks
  • The implementation of regulation and enforcement measures

To ensure that its services are in the best interest of public transport users, the Department liaises with representatives of the rail, bus, minibus taxi, and metered taxi industries; engages in community liaison programs; and is establishing a help desk for public transport complaints.  Extensive coordination between Departments and other units is also required.  

The Department has three branches to perform these functions

OFFICE: (031) 311 7351
FAX: (031) 305 5871
E-MAIL: Mlungisi.Wosiyana@durban.gov.za