Cluster wide land transaction process

The Map Production branch undertakes the Production of Land Development Plans or Hand Plans, primarily for the purpose of negotiations by the Real Estate Department. These plans are of the highest standard of accuracy with all the necessary legal information for the successful conclusion of land sale agreements.

The following types of plans are produced Cluster wide:
Acquisition Plans for projects such as widening or new roads, electrical substations or overhead transmission lines, reservoirs, servitudes, landfill sites etc.

  • Alienation of surplus Council land.
  • Allocation for inter-department transfer of Council owned Properties.
  • Long and Short term lease of Council properties.
  • Encroachment and Wayleave Agreement Plans.

Customised GIS Plans
Preparation of Customised GIS Plans on request excluding or including aerial photography background, Ward Maps, Cadastral Maps including such layers as cadastral boundaries, property descriptions, postal numbering, road names, contours and services (water, storm water, sewer etc.). Other plans include crime fighting plans for SAP and Metro Police indicating crime blocks for sector policing.

In addition to the above this branch also undertakes: 

  • Preparation of the Street Map Book
  • Long Service and Retirement Certificates for various Departments and Units.
  • Lamination of Plans and Documents

Manager Kasturi Abbayee
Phone Number: 031 311-7226