This branch undertakes the archiving of approved Cadastral Records from the Surveyor General’s Office, in-house Hand Plans and Completion Notices of land acquisitions, alienations etc from the Real Estate Department. This information is updated and maintained on our hard copy records which are available at our counters for sale to the public and for use by client departments.

In addition to the above this branch also undertakes:

  • LIRServicesNotice02.pdfLand Information & Records Services Notice

  • Customised Cadastral Plans from GIS data
  • Street Address allocations and queries
  • Digital Extraction of GIS Data
  • Land Information Call Centre queries
  • Road Status queries
  • Checking of Hand Plans
  • Plan Printing and scanning of Historical Aerial Photographs
  • Microfilming Plans and Documents

  • Aerial Photographs from GIS

Manager: Usha Singh
Phone Number: 031 311-7865