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The Roads & Stormwater Department falls within the Engineering Unit and operates from twenty three (23) depots in six (6) regions within the Ethekwini area. The Department is primarily responsible for the effective maintenance of roads and stormwater systems.

​Please use a 24 hour call centre on toll-free 080 131 3013 to lodge complaints about POTHOLES, BLOCKED DRAINS and other concerns related to the maintenance of roads and stormwater systems.

Alternatively send a message to Eservices@durban.gov.za

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Much of the work carried out by the department relates to the following activities:

  • Repair / re-instatement of trenches and potholes;
  • Replacement of missing manhole covers;
  • Unblocking of stormwater drainage systems;
  • Repairs to guardrails and roadside fencing;
  • Repair / replacement of traffic lines and signs;
  • Grading / regravelling of gravel roads &
  • Construction of vehicle access to property (at owner’s expense). 

The length of the road network in the eThekwini municipal area is 9 462 km.   Roads are maintained by three roads authorities, which are:

  • The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transport (KZN DOT) is responsible for maintaining all provincial roads (1 411 km).  Most provincial road numbers are prefixed by the letter M, P or R; for example: M19, M7, P100, R102. Direct queries about Provincial roads to Tel: +27 31 469 8900
  • The South African National Roads Authority Limited (SANRAL) is responsible for the maintenance of the N2 and N3 freeways (367 km).  Direct queries about SANRAL roads to Tel: +27 33 386 3365
  • The eThekwini Roads & Stormwater Department is responsible for the maintenance of the balance of the network (7682 km). In addition, there are approximately 110 000 inlets and manholes on the municipal stormwater system which are maintained by the department of which an average of approximately 1000 covers are lost annually due to theft or damage.

When you contact us, we will respond to complaints related to potholes, trenches in the road, missing stormwater covers and stormwater blockages within twenty four hours to initially ensure that the situation is assessed and made safe where necessary.  Thereafter, some repair work may take a little longer depending on circumstances on site but should not exceed ten days.

All complaints related to the repair and maintenance of municipal roads and the stormwater system may be directed to the Roads & Stormwater Department via the Engineering Unit’s 24-hour Call Centre on toll-free 080 131 3013 or email Eservices@durban.gov.za

A complaints reference number will be given, should it be necessary to query the compliant further.

Queries on related matters concerning this Department may be directed to
Tel: 031 311 7802 or to 031 311 7240.

Insurance claims resulting from damage on municipal roads may be directed to Tel: 031 311 1551/2

All queries related to the resurfacing of roads may be directed to the Engineering Unit’s Roads Provision Department on Tel: 031 311 7601