Correspondence to the Roads Provision Department should be addressed as follows :-

Deputy Head :

Roads Provision
Roads Provision Department
Engineering Unit
P O Box 680

Roads Design North
Manager: 27-31-311 7602. General Enquiries - 27-31-311 7601

  • Provides a design and project management service for road related infrastructure

Roads Design South
Manager: 27-31-311 7623. General Enquiries - 27-31-311 7601

  • Provides a design and project management service for road related infrastructure


Manager: Telephone: 27-31-311 7671

  • Provides the service of structural design of road & pedestrian bridges, stormwater culverts and outfall structures, retaining walls and water retaining structures to the Engineering Unit as well as other client Departments.
  • Undertakes structural maintenance inspections and repairs to Council-owned structures.
Pavement & Geotechnical Engineering

Manager: 27-31-311 7368.
General Enquiries: 27-31-311 7366

  • Responsible for the geological database/surveys and mapping. Undertake investigations into foundations, landslides, bank stability, etc.
  • Undertakes assessment of road pavement structures, structural design of roads. Undertakes testing of asphalt, concrete and compaction of road layer works.
  • Responsible for the Pavement Management System which collects and provides information on the condition and maintenance needs of the road network.
Roads Rehabilitation
Manager: 27-31-311 7972
  • Undertakes design and implementation of road rehabilitation/resurfacing projects.
  • Responsible for an Asphalt Manufacturing Plant that supplies various mixes to maintenance and capital projects.
  • Asphalt Paving Division provides an internal service for the laying of asphalt on resurfacing/rehabilitation projects.