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The Umhlanga Rocks promenade has undergone a major revamp with the construction of a ‘21st century pier’.

The project will contribute to reducing the unsightly pools of stagnant water that sometimes form on an otherwise pristine beach.

According to the Engineers assigned to the project, the pier will be unlike any constructed in the region with long span sections on columns to permit continuous access along the beach. 

“The architectural styling has been a very important element of the design and is in keeping with the proposed improvements to the promenade.  The pier will have a ‘whale-bone’ theme that has received favourable public comment,” said Randeer Kasserchun, Deputy Head: Coastal, Stormwater and Catchment Management.

Kasserchun added that seating for the public will be made available along the pier with the latest trends in lighting for illumination at night.

The Coastal, Stormwater and Catchment Management Department of eThekwini Municipality has awarded two contracts for construction of major stormwater improvements at Umhlanga Rocks.

The first contract is for construction of a large underground box culvert from the intersection of Tanager Road and Lagoon Drive to the promenade at the lower end of McCausland Crescent, and the second is for construction of the new Umhlanga pier.

The pier is in fact a continuation of the culvert and will extend approximately 80 metres across the beach to a deep-water channel to ensure maximum dispersal of stormwater into the sea. 

Much of the stormwater that is was discharged on to the beach at Granny’s Pool will be rerouted to the new system and while the Granny’s Pool outlet can never be completely eliminated, the quality of the beach in this area should be greatly improved.

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