About Architecture Department   Manqoba Allan Shazi Pr.Arch : 0715864271
Functions   Contact Person & Detailed Functions
Architecture & Project Management   Laura Hunt: 082 853 3872
Defines & extracts brief, assesses feasibility, designs, develops and procures a creative solution, manages all building and administrative processes. Provides professional advice.
  Pre-project analysis, project development, value management, feasibilities, concepts, graphics, models, designs, drawings, specifications, structures, project management, consultant management, procurement, mentorship, contract management & supervision, quality control. SANS Compliance.
Quantity Surveying   Junate Patel: 083 353 3335
Supports architectural projects, assesses life-cycle cost feasibility, provides construction estimates, prepares bills of quantities, manages all financial and building cost processes.   Quantity surveying and cost management, financial feasibilities, valuations, tender price assessment, cost negotiations, project management, cost monitoring reports, final accounts and reconciliations.
Strategic Architectural Projects   Nina Saunders : 082 497 0244 Nardus van Heerden : 083 309 5247 Nic Combrink : 079 522 0414
Creates Growth through Catalytic Projects  

Major architectural and urban development projects conceptualized, initiated, facilitated, managed and designed to create and gear up incremental economic and social development and commercial activity. Research and strategy development for architectural and urban development initiatives. Professional advice and support services for international and local strategic events.

Architectural Maintenance & Minor Works   Jose Gomes : 071 852 3271
Prepares maintenance plans, provides emergency and proactive maintenance for municipal buildings and structures, and public realm.   Maintenance, maintenance planning, facilities management, contract procurement, management & supervision, monitoring & inspection, demolitions, emergency repairs, building trade workshops, painting, fencing, minor works, mentorship, small contractor development, quality control.
Electrical Building Engineering Services (EBS)   Mbali Govuzela : 073 822 4210
Prepares electrical installation & maintenance plans, provides emergency and proactive maintenance for electrical compliance in municipal buildings and structures; designs, procures, manages and implements new installations and energy efficient retrofitting.  

Electrical engineering services, reticulation, lighting design, energy conservation design, procurement, management, supervision and inspection; cost monitoring, emergency repairs, electricians shop.

Mechanical Building Engineering Services (MBS)   Lindsay North : 083 394 6022
Prepares air-conditioning systems & lift maintenance plans, provides emergency and proactive maintenance for mechanical components in municipal buildings and structures; designs, procures and installs new air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems.   Mechanical Engineering services, environmental designs, mechanical maintenance procurement, management, supervision and inspection; cost monitoring, emergency repairs, air-conditioning shop management.

Urban Development & Landscape Architecture   Bilal Haq: 083 271 9666
Projects and services in public realm, urban design, landscape architecture, architectural heritage, streetscapes, procurement and management of the public urban environment.   Urban design, precinct & district planning, streetscape design, landscape planning, specifications, design and maintenance contracts, procurement and contract management, professional advice.
Architectural Structural Engineering   Kree Govender : 083 723 9190
Supports Architecture & Project Management and Maintenance, provides services in structural and building civil engineering.
  Preliminary structural assessments, structural engineering designs and calculations, working drawings, certifications and site supervision and site inspections. Structural engineering professional advice and notices.
Building & Property Assets & Facilities Management   Jose Gomes: 071 852 3271
Manages and implements Asset Management and Facility Management services for all municipal buildings, public realm priority zones, community and recreational facilities and strategic land parcels.   Formulates business operating plans for council facilities, including Integrated Asset Management Schedules, lifecycle costing studies, materials and methods analysis. Formulates and manages Proactive Maintenance Plans and Call Centre.

Habitat & Urbanism   Laura Hunt : 082 853 3872

Researches, facilitates, and designs architectural solutions to housing and habitat developments in the municipality.

  Formulates creative and innovative approaches and strategies for creation of quality living environments, particularly for low income communities. Promotes densification, urbanism and “community architecture”.
Sustainable Architecture Initiatives   Nina Saunders: 082 497 0244
Proposes and establishes pilot projects to test and develop sustainable architectural solutions for broad application within city development and management programmes, to establish responsible architectural, planning and urban management practices.   Integrates passive architecture, public realm management, energy efficiency and ecologically sound development principles, with urban agriculture and green building applications within the context of “sustainable architecture”. Facilitates innovative and creative architectural solutions to identified challenges.
Architectural Project Packaging    
Manages and facilitates effective packaging of development projects initiated by private and municipal enterprise, to establish viable property development business plans based on value management and assessed benefit to the municipality, within sound property asset management principles.   Compiles effective and detailed Architectural and Development Briefs, supported by sector analyses and integrated cross-sectional business case studies and long-term, lifecycle based feasibility studies.
Architectural Business Support   Vaneshree Munsami : 031 311 7104
Administrative, systems, processes and financial management and business development services in support of the Architecture Department.   Formulates departmental business operating systems and procedures, first point IS, HR and Financial Administration services, data & information storage, and research and development support.