Climate Change
This grouping of projects relate to broad aspects of Climate Change Mitigation that cannot be easily classified into the other categories. Often these projects are strategic in nature and tend to span across a variety of operational areas.
1. 100 Resilient Cities Program
To enable cities to better address the major challenges of the 21st century, the Rockefeller Foundation launched the 100 Resilient Cities Centennial Challenge (100RCCC) to assist cities around the world to build urban resilience. The 100 RC Programme in Durban will be coordinated by the Environmental Planning and Climate Protection Department (EPCPD), under the Deputy Head: EPCPD as the ‘Chief Resilience Officer’ (CRO). The EPCPD will act as a hub in the development of a resilience plan for the City, and staff from the EPCPD will be responsible for supporting the CRO in the coordination of the 100RC Programme.
The Energy Office participation in this process is to provide input regarding climate change mitigation and sustainable energy development.
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2. Regional Forum
ABC of Climate Change Study Tour
The aim of this project is to for the eThekwini Municipality to host a Climate Change study tour for Municipalities that participate in the Central KZN Climate Change Compact.
KwaDukuza Municipality and ICELI – Local Governments for Sustainability hosted a low-emission future scenarios imbizo in November 2013. During this imbizo it was proposed that the eThekwini Municipality host officials and politicians from KwaDukuza for a learning exchange that focused on Climate Change.
Through the implementation of this Study Tour the following will be achieved:
1. To exchange learning on Climate Change institutional structures between Municipalities; and to identify possibilities for further exchange on specific topics between participating municipalities
2. To share strengths & success stories, current needs, and future wishes of the KZN Municipalities present
3. To enable participating municipalities to begin to identify flagship actions to take back to Council Establishment of a Climate Change knowledge network that is situated within the Central KZN Climate Change Compact to address knowledge and research requirements.
To specifically identify opportunities for strengthening cross-border partnerships for joint-action, funding and lobbying on issues and responses that cross municipal boundaries.
Regional Knowledge Network
This program sees the development of a regional climate change research forum, or knowledge network, in KwaZulu-Natal. The purpose of the network is to develop capacity in local government in KZN to reduce greenhouse gasses and respond to climate change while generating knowledge.
The research forum will be linked to the KZN Climate Change Compact that was initiated by the eThekwini Municipality Environmental Planning and Climate Protection Department.
More information on the Knowledge Network will be available once the details have been confirmed.