Development of the Durban Climate Change Strategy
Following the successful hosting of COP17/CMP7, and building upon previous climate change-focussed work, eThekwini Municipality has developed a city-wide climate change adaptation and mitigation strategy, through an inclusive and participatory process. The development of this strategy acknowledged that we live in a world with finite and diminishing natural resources, such that Durban needs to convert to a low carbon, green economy that prioritises the sustainable use of ecosystem services whilst still overcoming the development challenges faced by the majority of Durban residents.
Current status of project:

The commenting period on the draft strategy was finalised in 2014, and the EPCPD in partnership with the Energy office embarked on the process to have the Strategy adopted and approved by the Municipal Council.   This process encompassed obtaining approval from all Municipal Support Committees. Final approval by the Municipal Council was obtained in June 2015. Now the outcomes and recommendations of the strategy will need to be mainstreamed in to the work done by the different units within the Municipality. To further inform the implementation process of the strategy, a screening and evaluation process will be undertaken by each of the units to identify alignment between the strategy and their work streams and to plan for implementation of the strategy. 

Six flagship programmes have been identified in the strategy, which will have a number of projects within them, which will be used as the initial point of implementing the strategy. These programmes include:   Adaptation, Waste Management, Transport, Renewable Energy, Water Conservation and Demand Management, and Energy Efficiency and Energy Demand Management Flagship Programmes.

Further information about the Durban Climate Change Strategy can be obtained by contacting the Climate Protection Branch on 0
31 311 7477

The DCCS can be downloaded here.
The theme reports can be downloaded here:
3. Health;
7. Water.
Further material for the DCCS can be downloaded here: