Welcome to your electrical network. EThekwini Municipality is proud to serve our communities with electricity. Our primary aim is to supply good quality electricity to you in a safe and affordable manner.

Electricity plays a valuable part in our lives but it must be used efficiently and handled with care as it can be very dangerous. To ensure your safety and general understanding whilst using electricity, please familiarise yourself with the contents of this brochure. If you do have any enquiries, please contact us at our contact centre and we will be glad to help.

Electricity is supplied to you via the prepayment meter that was installed within your property. This meter remains the property of eThekwini Municipality and must not be tampered with. Any attempt to steal, tamper, bypass or interfere with the meter or the municipal installations will result in the disconnection of your supply and you will be liable for all costs.

Electricity cannot be easily seen or heard and must therefore be handled with extreme care to prevent danger. All electrical connections must be done by an approved Electrician. Loose or incorrect connections can lead to electrocutions, overheating and the risk of fire.

Since safety is our main concern, we would like to caution you to use electricity safely by avoiding the following;
  • Illegally connecting electricity.
  • Plugging too many appliances into a socket – an overloaded circuit creates a fire hazard
    By taking simple precautions, electrical fires, injury and loss of life can be avoided.
Meter tokens can be purchased from over 600 vendors within eThekwini Municipality. Once you have purchased your token, you will receive a slip with a 20 digit number printed on it. This slip is called a prepayment electricity token. The 20 digit number must be entered into the meter via the keypad. The numbers entered are displayed on the LCD. They must be entered from left to right.

A decimal point is displayed at every fourth digit for ease of viewing. Incorrect entries can be corrected by pressing the backspace   key. Pressing the backspace key twice in quick succession will clear the entire entry.

Acceptance of a valid token is automatic. Once a complete token has been entered, the meter processes it and a scrolling credit wedge is displayed if accepted. The display updates itself and shows the remaining credit on the meter.

Please Note: The first token purchased on a new or replaced meter must be through an eThekwini Service Centre or a direct eThekwini Vendor.

Click to download our brochure on prepaid electricity