Prepaid Electricity Vendors

18 September 2014

Prepaid electricity tokens are available at numerous outlets located through our area of supply. All eThekwini Electricity Customer Service Centres and certain Sizakala Centres offer prepaid tokens. Cigicell (Pty) Ltd also offers over 2000 points of sale within eThekwini.

Customers must only pay the current tariff rate. No service charge or vendor commission is applicable.

Please note: The first token purchase must be through an eThekwini Service Centre or a direct eThekwini Vendor

Tokens can also be purchased through the following Channels:

CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTRES: Any eThekwini Service Centre can issue Tokens.

POINT-OF-SALE: Token purchases are available at selected retail sites such as Petrol Garages & Supermarkets.

INTERNET VENDING: and allows the customer to do an EFT to purchase Tokens which they will SMS or e-mail to you.

AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINE (ATM): Unipin vouchers (Scratch cards) are available from certain banks, ATM's and retailers.

AUTOMATED VENDING MACHINE (AVM): Tokens are generated by AVM's after the correct amount of money has been deposited into the AVM.

VENDING MACHINES: Operates similarly to AVM's except that it issues Unipin (scratch cards) and not a Token.

CELLPHONE: allows customers to purchase Tokens directly from their cellphones or any other Senda registered cellphone. Sign up on *130*256# (toll free).

Click to download a list of all active Municipal Contracted vending Agents

While every attempt is made to ensure the above list is accurate, eThekwini Electricity cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies that may be listed.