Account Payment

Consumers have 21 days from date of account (found on top right hand corner of bill) to make payment. Failure to pay timeously will result in services being terminated (disconnected). Once your services are terminated you are liable for a reconnection fee. You will only be reconnected once your account has been paid in full (You can also make a credit agreement to get re-connected).

eThekwini Electricity will not be held responsible for any payments that are delayed due to third-party systems or other reasons. Payments done via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) can take up to three (3) business days to clear. Please ensure payments are done early and timeously to avoid disconnections. It’s the consumer’s responsibility to maintain proof of payment for accounts. If your account is in arrears and you are unable to provide to proof of payment to the disconnector, you will be disconnected.

Always use your account number as reference when making payment. Account payments can be done in the following ways:
  • At a Sizakala Service Centre (in cash)
  • eThekwini Electricity Customer Service Centre (in cash)
  • EFT (search for public recipient “eThekwini Municipality”) or at a bank
  • Shops with EasyPay facilities such as Checkers, Shoprite, Spar, Post Office etc

Account Statement
While every attempt is made by eThekwini Municipality to ensure that accounts are sent, the onus lies on the consumer to ensure that you have a copy of your account. This will not be entertained as an excuse for non-payment.

Should you fail to receive your account statement in the post or via email, you can obtain your account balance in the following ways:

  • Visit any one of our Customer Service Centres
  • Contact us telephonically, eThekwini Revenue or eThekwini Electricity
  • Online at .This will show the amount payable on the most recent account sent to you. This will not reflect payments made after the account date.

To receive your account statement via email, please register with eThekwini eServices, Once you have registered, you will no longer be able to receive your account via postal services.


It is prohibited to tamper or interfere with any meter, supply or service main, main fuse or other electrical apparatus belonging to eThekwini Electricity. Consumers whom constantly tamper with the electrical supply will result in all electrical equipment being removed.

Any person found in contravention of our Bylaws, Section 20, Prohibited Acts shall be held liable to a fine and/ or prosecution which can lead to imprisonment. The consumer will also be back charged electricity consumption for the time period tampering occurred. This recalculation will be added to your account and the consumer is liable for full payment. 

Please report all acts of tampering and illegal connections to eThekwini Electricity.

Bylaws, Section 20, Prohibited Acts

20. No Person shall -

  1. Tamper or interfere with any meter, supply or service main, main fuse or other electrical apparatus belonging to the Council;
  2. Erect any pole, mast or wire or other similar structure in close proximity to any overhead supply or service main or in such position or in such manner as is likely to cause danger from electrical current to himself or any other persons or damage to the electrical installation;
  3. Tap or attempt to tap or cause or permit to be tapped, any supply main or service main in any manner by which an unmetered needed supply of electricity or supply other than or in excess of that contracted for might be obtained, abstracted or diverted;
  4. Except as provided in sub-section (6) of section 7 of these Bylaws sell or supply electricity supplied to him by the Council to any other person or knowingly permit any such sale or supply to be made;
  5. Without the written permission of the Engineer directly or indirectly connect any electrical installation to a supply or service main;
  6. Operate any motor or other machinery in such a manner as to cause undue or unnecessary disturbance to the electrical pressure on the supply main conveying such electrical current to his premises, or disregard any directions given to him by the Engineer in regard to the proper operation of such motor machinery;
  7. Use any electrical current supplied by the Council in any unauthorised manner or in contravention of the Bylaws or commit any act which is likely to interfere unduly with the efficiency of the supply. In the event of any such interference, the Engineer may, if his directions in regard thereto are not carried out, disconnect the supply of electricity.
  8. Connect any defective appliance to an electrical installation.

Refusal of access to a meter
Bylaws, Supply of Electricity Other Than to Small Power Users, Section 13A. (7),
The consumer shall afford Electricity Department officials free access to the premises at all reasonable times for the purpose of inspecting and/or maintaining the electricity dispenser.

Failure of a consumer in arrears to provide reasonable access to the meter can result in your supply being remotely switched off.

Revenue Protection performs routine CT (Current Transformer) inspections; these inspections do not affect or interrupt supply of electricity. Please allow our staff to access the meter room.

Responsibility of the owner
The consumer (electricity account holder) is responsible for their meter and should any tampering occur, the consumer will be held liable for any fine or charge. The meter is property of eThekwini Electricity and may not be resold, moved, opened, modified in any way manner.

Main switch breakers must not be forcefully kept up (on position) with a foreign object (e.g. a stick). This is extremely dangerous and can result in an explosion.

Bylaws, Duties of Consumer, Section 16. (1)
Every consumer shall maintain the electrical installation, sub-stations and all appliances on the premises owned or occupied by him in good order and repair and shall be responsible for the safe-keeping of all meters, service fuses, service mains, and other electrical apparatus and fittings belonging to the Council which are placed and installed on his premises. The consumer shall be responsible for any loss of or damage to any apparatus and fittings to the Council which directly or indirectly results from a failure

On his part to exercise all reasonable care in safeguarding the same, or is caused by any wilful or negligent act or omission of the consumer or of his employee or agent or any person who is upon the said premises with the consent, tacit or otherwise, of the consumer, or given on his behalf, and the consumer shall pay to the Council on demand the cost of making good or of repairing any such loss or damage as ascertained and certified by the Engineer.

Meter rooms must always be kept clean and clear of any foreign objects. Consumers are responsible for the condition of the meter room. Should the meter room be in an unacceptable condition, we reserve the right to terminate electricity supply to the meter room.

Bylaws, Duties of Consumer, Section 16. (3)
Where, in the opinion of the Engineer, the electrical installation in any premises is not in accordance with the bylaws or the code of practice or where in his opinion there is any defect in such installation or sub-station or in any appliance used in or on such premises which is likely to cause injury to life or damage to property, he may, by notice, call upon the consumer to bring the installation sub-station or appliance into conformity with the bylaws or wiring regulations or to remove the defect within the period specified in the notice. Upon the failure of the consumer to comply with such notice within the period specified, the Engineer shall have the right to disconnect the supply of electricity to such premises.