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In order to improve the effectiveness of climate change adaptation planning, sector specific Municipal Adaptation Plans (MAPs) have been developed for three priority high risk sectors: Health, Water and Disaster Management. A multi-criterion analysis was utilised to prioritise the proposed adaptation interventions and regular review meetings are being held to monitor the implementation process.

Current Status of Project
The Environmental Planning and Climate Protection Department has developed MAPs for the Health, Water and Disaster Management sectors. These plans have been accepted by sector representatives and by the council. The Water sector, in particular, has engaged enthusiastically with the plans since 2010. The MAPs have undergone a Benefit-Cost Analysis by a team of resource economist experts, with the aim of prioritising the Municipality’s adaptation options on the basis of economic efficiency and the benefit to people, while being cognisant of governance and capacity issues that might facilitate or hinder the implementation of the interventions. This Benefit-Costs Analysis has resulted in a consolidation of the original 47 MAPs into a reduced set of 16 Municipal Adaptation Clusters (MACs), which is greatly easing the implementation and tracking of the interventions. The Disaster Management, Environmental, Water and Framework Planning sectors are reporting on their progress in the implementation of their adaptation plans to the Disaster Management Advisory Forum (DMAF), which is held quarterly and chaired by the City Manager.

With the development of the Durban Climate Change Strategy (DCCS) and its approval by Council in April 2015, work has commenced on merging the sector-based Municipal Adaptation Plans and the ten themes and priority actions identified in the DCCS.  An Implementation Plan is being developed to guide implementation of the DCCS as well as a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework to track progress and inform prioritisation. For further information on this plan, please visit the DCCS web page.