Under climate change conditions urban areas will get hotter and Durban is likely to experience increased short, intense rainfall events which could lead to flooding. Green roofs assist in adapting to these impacts, by reducing the temperatures of buildings, reducing the ‘heat island effect’, and attenuating stormwater run-off.

Green roofs can also potentially play an important role in mitigating climate change, by lowering the temperature of buildings and therefore reducing the use of air conditioners which utilise electricity. Green roofs are an example of how a single intervention can provide mutual benefits in terms of biodiversity enhancement and climate regulation.

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As part of the Municipal Climate Protection Programme, a trial green roof has been developed on an existing municipal building within the City Engineers’ Complex at 166 K.E. Masinga Road. This pilot project aims to:

  • Develop green roof guidelines for Durban, by determining the correct growing medium and indigenous plant species palette for use in Durban, and
  • Provide understanding of the benefits of green roofs, in terms of temperature regulation storm water attenuation, inner city food production and biodiversity enhancement.

Current Status of the Project

Maintenance of the established pilot green roof is on-going.  The Environmental Planning and Climate Protection Department has since handed the management of the roof garden to Architecture Department as part of their green roof programme for Durban.
  • A green roof guidelines document has been produced and can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

To download a copy of the Green Roof Guidelines click here
Further information about the green roof can be obtained by contacting Craig Hardman from the Architecture Department on 031 311 7492 or craig.hardman@durban.gov.zaor Nongcebo Hlongwa on 031 311 7477 or nongcebo.hlongwa@durban.gov.za

To get a download a copy of the Green Roof Guidelines click here


 Green Roof Project