The eThekwini Biodiversity Forum was established several years ago through a collaborative effort by eThekwini Municipality’s Environmental Planning and Climate Protection Department (EPCPD), the Durban Natural Science Museum, and the Parks, Leisure and Cemeteries Department.

The Forum is aimed at enhancing communication and strengthening partnerships between government departments, civil society organizations and academic institutions regarding biodiversity-related matters in Durban. Nearly tenyears on, the Forum still enjoy continued success, with an average of 50 attendees every meeting from various disciplines and organisations e.g., national and provincial departments, non-governmental organisations, conservancies, universities, consultancies, private companies and individuals.

The objectives of the Forum are mainly to share examples of good practice with like-minded individuals, express ideas around biodiversity and the conservation and management thereof, showcase important and interesting biodiversity-related projects that people are involved in and, as information sharing arena and networking opportunity.


Current status of the project
The Biodiversity Forum has over the years evolved into a meeting place where any organisation or individual can present their work or raise issues, provided that it is related to biodiversity conservation and management in Durban and surrounds. The meetings are organised and chaired by staff from the EPCPD and are held every three months at the Paradise Valley Nature Reserve.

Interesting presentations in 2015/2016 to date

  • Time’s fun when you’re having flies: the importance of green bottle blowflies – Kirstin Williams from the Durban Natural Science Museum of eThekwini Municipality
  • Update on the Durban’s 100 Resilient Cities Programme – Manisha Maganlal from  the EPCPD of eThekwini Municipality
  • Blue duiker population survey at Paradise Valley Nature Reserve – Zethu Gumede from the Natural Resources Division of eThekwini Municipality
  • New National Environmental Management Act Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations 2014 – Natasha Brijlal from the KZN Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs
  • One piece at the time: The makings of a nature reserve – Natasha Govender from the EPCPD of eThekwini Municipality
  • Evaluation of manual control methods to reduce Pterdium aquilinum (Bracken fern) infestations in eThekwini Grasslands - Aerisha Ramkalawan from the Working on Fire
  • The Palmiet River Catchment - The Hard Facts – Lee D’Eathe from the Palmiet River Watch
  • The role of naturally functioning ecosystems in improving in-stream water quality in urban areas – Kholosa Magudu from the University of KwaZulu Natal
  • Aller River Walk Project - Hugh McGibbon, Preven Chetty and Mark Liptrotfrom  uThekwane Conservancy
  • The assessment of the impacts of land uses on the present ecological state and water quality a case study of the Palmiet River – Nosipho Ndzimbomvu from Natural Resources Division of eThekwini Municipality
  • The smaller mammals of KwaZulu-Natal: bridging the gap between museum collections, research & conservation planning – Dr Leigh Richard from the Durban Natural Science Museum of eThekwini Municipality.


Future activities
We have an exciting line-up of presentations for the next eThekwini Biodiversity Forum scheduled for the 26th of May 2016 at Paradise Valley Nature Reserve where Sandi Willows-Munro from the University of KwaZulu Natal will be presenting her DNA study on population genetics of two endangered birds and Paolo Candotti of the eThekwini Conservancies Forum will present conservancies activities through the Annual Report 2015.


If you wish to be a part of the Biodiversity Forum, subscribe to the mailing list by contacting Bheki Mdletshe via email at

The minutes of previous Forums can be viewed below or can be requested from Bheki Mdletshe as above.

For copies of the minutes from previous forums, please click below:

eThekwiniBiodiversityForumMinutes28May2015.pdfMinutes - 28 May 2015
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