A Work Bank report completed in 2017 shows that natural and semi-natural systems within the eThekwini Municipal Area give rise to flows of ecosystem services worth at least R4.2 billion per year. The total asset value of these areas are estimated to be at least R48 — 62 billion. Without these free services, the municipality would require an unaffordable increase to its budget to provide these services, especially in the rural areas, where communities rely heavily on the natural environment for daily needs.

These ecosystem services help meet our basic needs and enhance our quality of life. The Biodiversity Impact Assessment Branch of the Environmental Planning and Climate Protection Department (EPCPD) is responsible for assessing, and in some cases, regulating development that is proposed within or adjacent to D’MOSS to ensure that biodiversity is protected and the supply of ecosystem goods and services is maintained.  This ensures that the quality of life of all residents is enhanced and contributes to ensuring that Durban will be able to respond to the expected impacts of a changing climate.