In order to protect Durban’s remaining open spaces as far as possible, the Biodiversity Impact Assessment Branch of the Environmental Planning and Climate Protection Department (EPCPD) is responsible for assessing, and in some cases, regulating development that is proposed within or adjacent to D’MOSS to ensure that biodiversity is protected and the supply of ecosystem goods and services is maintained.

The development applications that are received by the department include building plans, special consent applications, rezoning applications, low-cost housing developments, subdivision/township applications or site development plans for multi-unit developments proposed to be developed by sectional title and/or by free hold.

The Biodiversity Impact Assessment Branch will assess the potential impact on the environment of the proposed development and then make its recommendations for approval, approval with conditions, or refusal of the application. Where approval is given it is likely to be subject to significant controls to ensure that the biodiversity of the designated land is not negatively affected.