This function has been created specifically to address the environmental legislative requirements for Municipal Infrastructure Projects and Developments. Some of the roles and responsibilities and services offered by this function include:

Ensuring that all municipal infrastructure projects comply with national and international environmental requirements and legislation. This is done through.
  • Screening of all projects on the municipal capital budget for environmental legislative requirements (Environmental Impact Assessment, Water Use Licences etc.)
  • Provision of legal advice on the application of environmental legislation to municipal projects
  • Monitoring environmental compliance of all municipal projects
  • Reporting back to procurement and infrastructure on the progress of environmental authorisations of municipal infrastructure projects
  • Providing advice on environmental matters to Project Managers
  • Providing environmental capacity building to Project Managers and other official associated with municipal infrastructure developments
  • Providing environmental input into Municipal Infrastructure EIA reports as well as internal quality control of these reports to ensure that they meet appropriate standards before they are submitted to the authorising departments
  • Developing Systems, Policies, Procedures and Guidelines to ensure environmental compliance of Municipal Infrastructure Projects

Fast-track the process of getting comments from other municipal units through a  “Hubs and Spokes” system, in which a municipal official in the EPCPD acts as the Hub, circulating all documentation to dedicated individuals in other units (i.e. Spokes) and collating comments back from them.