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Each site is zoned with use rights attached to it and a change in zoning permits changes to the uses of one or more properties.

How do I apply for a rezoning?

Contact the rezoning division and discuss your intentions with them. The staff are equipped to offer advice on the options available to you and will guide you through the process.

Thereafter, draft a motivation which should answer these basic questions:

  • Is the rezoning good for the city?
  • Will the rezoning impact on others?
  • Is there a need for the intended use?
  • Is the intended use desirable at this specific location?

Now, complete the application form and submit it along with the motivation and prescribed fee.

How long will the application for rezoning take?

A straightforward, uncomplicated rezoning should take about 4 (four) months to process. However, in the case of appeals and hearings the matter may continue until resolved.