Where are we situated?

1st Floor City Engineers Building, 166 K E Masinga Road (Old Fort Road) Durban.

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Contact Us

Email non-specific Building Inspectorate queries to: buildinsp@durban.gov.za

*Area Code: 031

Area Phone
Bluff, Merebank, Woodlands, Montclair 311 7448
City Centre, Berea, Morningside, Glenwood 311 7296
Sydenham, Clare Estate, Hillary, Sherwood, Chesterville 311 7626
Chatsworth, Mobeni Heights, Silverglen 311 7199
Phoenix, Avoca, Ntuzuma, Duffs Road 311 7347
Durban North, Newlands East & West 311 7268
Law Enforcement Section 311 7203
Building Inspectorate Management 311 7195


Building Inspectorate

The Inspectorate Branch is responsible for monitoring Building Development to protect the interests of all Property Owners and Government Agencies against undesirable contraventions of existing legislation and acceptable norms in the interests of maintaining a safe and healthy environment, as required by the National Building Regulations, of the residents of Durban.

We are responsible for:

  • The inspection of the various stages of the building work (as specified on the requisition for inspection);
  • Attending to complaints regarding building work, dangerous buildings, stormwater problems as well as building material on road reserves;
  • Inspection of premises for crèche applications;
  • Advice on demolition as well as the relevant application forms (as required by the National Monuments Councils)

How can we help you?

When you reach any stages that require an inspection, you will need to complete the form that comes with your approved plan.  This form may be faxed or delivered personally.  If this form is in our possession before 9.00am the inspection can be carried out the following day.