Domestic Refuse - Black Bags
Black refuse bags are used mainly for household refuse; they are manufactured from high density polyethylene (HPDE) which makes the bag light weight, yet strong. Each residential property receives up to two bags per week - depending on the need; in some areas, 26 bag packs are delivered for every three month period.

If required, additional bags/packs can be ordered - on a once-only or on a regular basis - by telephoning the DSW Customer Helpline on 031 311 8804. There is a fee involved for extra bags so it will help to speed up the process if you have your CB (electricity) account number available when you call.

In high density residential areas (for example in flat or cluster housing complexes), our wheeled containers are popular as they use relatively less floor space than black bins, whilst providing larger storage volumes. The wheeled containers are rented out and the charges are usually levied on Body Corporate's general electricity and/or water account for the complex or building.

Garden Refuse - Blue Bags
DSW offers an optional, convenient and easy garden refuse disposal service. To take advantage of this service, contact the DSW Customer Helpline on 031 311 8804 and give us your name and delivery address, electricity account number, and the number of units required on a monthly basis (one unit = 12 bags). Your order will be delivered by our staff to your property. You may use any number of bags each week, simply place them out with your domestic refuse (unless specifically advised otherwise by the district office). There is no limitation on the number of bags to be utilised. For collection simply place them out with your domestic refuse (unless specified otherwise by your domestic office).

Street Cleaning - Beige Bags
DSW’s street cleaning team regularly sweeps & picks-up litter from both residential & city streets. This refuse is disposed in beige plastic bags which are left on verges for collection. Should you have any complaints or queries, please direct them to the DSW Customer Helpline on 031 311 8804