How do I register my food establishment and ensure that it complies with all the requirements?

  • Complete a Sale or Supply of Meals or Perishable Foodstuffs form.
  • Get Town Planning approval and Building Planning approval.
  • Original Landlord’s Consent signed.
  • Lease agreement (valid).
  • CC or (Pty) Ltd documents if applying under a company and certified ID copies of members and Proxy letter for a person to submit/sign on behalf of the company.
  • Certified copy of ID of the applicant.
  • Fire Department and Health Department requirements are to be met within 21 days on receipt of the application.
  • License applications are considered for recommendations subject to other departmental requirements being complied with.

LiquorApplicationForms.pdfPlease click here for application form and liquor application form

FoodEstablishment.pdfPlease click here for Sale or supply of meals or perishable food stuffs