If I want to open an entertainment venue, what process must I follow and what do I need?

  • Complete a Provision of Health Facility or Entertainment form.
  • Get Town Planning approval and Building Planning approval.
  • Certified copy of ID of the applicant.
  • Certified ID copy of person in control of business.
  • Original Police clearance.
  • Original Landlord’s Consent signed.
  • Lease Agreement (Valid).
  • CC or (Pty) Ltd documents if applying under a company and certified ID copies of members and Proxy letter for a person to submit/sign on behalf of the company.
  • Tariffs are subjected to that financial year.
  • License applications are considered for recommendations subject to other Departmental requirements being complied with.

ProvisionOfHealthFacilitiesOrEntertainment.pdfPlease click here for Provision of Health Facilities or Entertainment