A natural heritage site which has original coastal climax forest in which many of the forest giant, particularly the Natal Elm survive. A good birding spot for rare forest birds in particular. Oxyanthus pyriformis Natal Loquat and Celtis mildbraedii Natal White Stinkwood, occur almost exclusively in Pigeon Valley. Also rare and elusive birds occur here e.g.: Spotted Thrush, Narina Trogan, Green Twinspot and the Buffspotted Flufftail. The Natal Elm trail around the reserve, up one side of the valley and down the other, is approximately 400m.

Public toilets and Self-guided Walking trails. For bookings contact 031 205 1919

How to get there
From the city centre, follow Anton Lembede St. out to King Dinizulu Rd, continuing along King Dinizulu Rd. to it’s top where you glide off to the left up the Tollgate ramp. Follow the road onto Mazisi Kunene Rd. Follow the undulations and turn left into Mazisi Kunene Rd. near the bottom of the second dip. Continue for about 500m, then turn right into Princess Alice Avenue. Pigeon Valley Park is on your right. There is ample roadside parking in Princess Alice Avenue.