​​​The Durban Natural Science Museum publishes two (2) Journals:

​Novitates Thola
The Durban Natural Science Museum Novitates is the formal
scientific journal of the Durban Natural Science Museum. It
replaced the Annals of the Durban Museum which was established
in 1914 discontinued in 1952. Since 1990, the contents of the journal
have been regulated into a single annual edition.

The journal publishes papers covering the natural sciences, with an
emphasis on the geographical area of south-eastern Africa. In addition
to carrying articles by Museum staff and associates, authorship is also
open to persons not directly associated with the Museum. Each
submission is sent to at least two referees for review.

The journal is approved by the South African Department of National Education for SAPSE funding. All earlier editions of the Novitates (and the Annals) can be accessed online through the Sabinet African Journal Archive here:

Thola is the Durban Natural Science Museum’s popular magazine publication.  It showcases and highlights events and activities that take place at the museum as well as articles on current environmental issues. 
Contributors to the magazine include Museum staff and members of other organisations such as SANBI, CROW and Ezemvelo KZN-Wildlife. 

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