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The Durban Natural Science Museum Novitates is the formal scientific journal of the Durban Natural Science Museum. It replaced the Annals of the Durban Museum which was established in 1914 discontinued in 1952. Since 1990, the contents of the journal have been regulated into a single annual edition.
The journal publishes papers covering the natural sciences, with an emphasis on the geographical area of south-eastern Africa. In addition to carrying articles by Museum staff and associates, authorship is also open to persons not directly associated with the Museum. Each submission is sent to at least two referees for review. The journal is approved by the South African Department of National Education for SAPSE funding.
All earlier editions of the Novitates (and the Annals) can be accessed online through the Sabinet African Journal Archive at:
​Instruction to Authors PDF - size

 2014, VOLUME 37


Cooper, M.R. 2014. The False Bay Coral Limestone Formation. Stratigraphy and Fauna. pp. 7 - 24. PDF 1.04 MB

Williams, K.A. & Villet M.H. 2014. Effects of Hydrocortisone and Sodium Methohexital on Growth Rate of Chrysomya Chloropyga Weidemann (Diptera: Calliphoridae): Developmental and Behavioural Indications of Presence of Drugs. pp. 25 - 29. PDF 180 KB

Boycott, R.C. 2014. Observations on the African Grass Lizards Chamaesaura Fitzinger (Reptilia: Sauria: Cordylidae) in Swaziland, with Emphasis on Fire Impacts on Populations in Malolotja Nature Reserve. pp. 30 - 39. PDF 408 KB

Mcinnes, A.M., Allan, D.G., & Underhill, L.G. 2014. Moult of the Grey-Headed Gull Larus Cirrocephalus in South Africa. pp. 40 - 46. PDF 256 KB

Davies, G.B.P. 2014. Decrease of Coqui Francolin Peliperdix Coqui (Aves: Phasianidae) in Southern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. pp. 47 - 53. PDF148 KB

Stalmans, M, Davies, G.B.P., Trollip, J., & Poole, G. 2014. A Major Waterbird Breeding Colony at Lake Urema, Gorongosa National Park, Moçambique. pp. 54 - 57. PDF 296 KB

Oschadleus, H.D. 2014. White-browed Sparrow-Weaver Plocepasser mahali (Aves: Ploceidae) in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.. pp. 58 - 61. PDF 119 KB

Davies, G.B.P., Smit-Robinson, H.A., Drummond, I.M.M., Gardner, B., Rautenbach, S., van Stuyvenberg, D., Nattrass, C., Pretorius, M., Pietersen, D.W. & Symes, C.T. 2014. Recent records of the White-winged Flufftail Sarothrura ayresi (Aves, Sarothruridae) in South Africa, including details of a survey of high-altitude wetlands in 2013-14. pp 62 - 75.PDF 649 KB


 2013, VOLUME 36


Dean, W.R., Franke, U., Francisco, G.J., Gonçalves, M., Mills, S.L., Milton, S.J., Monadjem, A. & Oschadleus, H.D. 2013. Further Breeding Records for Birds (Aves) In Angola. pp. 1-10. PDF 715 KB

Olbers, J.M., Rowe, F.W.E., Griffits, C.L., & Samyn, Y. 2013. The Rediscovery of a Collection of Echinoderms, Including Two Holotypes – in the Durban Natural Science Museum, South Africa. pp. 11-29. PDF 1.66 MB

Davies, G.B.P. 2013 Status of Eastern Green Tinkerbird Viridibucco simplex in Sul do Save, southern Mozambique, and notes on selected bird species of the Sitila-Massinga coastal, tropical, semi-deciduous dry forest and thicket complex, Inhambane Province. pp. 30-36. PDF 904 KB


2012, VOLUME 35


Allan, D.G. 2012. The waterbirds of Durban Bay – Current and historical population trends. pp. 1 -74. PDF 8.67MB



2011, VOLUME 34


McInnes, A.M. & Allan, D.G. 2011. Distribution, abundance and movements of the Grey-headed
Gull Larus cirrocephalus in South Africa. pp. 1 -20. PDF 1.36MB

Naidoo, S., Mackey, R.L. & Schoeman, M.C. 2011. Foraging ecology of insectivorous bats (Chiroptera) at a polluted and an unpolluted river in an urban landscape. pp. 21-28. PDF 1.32MB

Monadjem, A., Rasmussen, M. & van der Made, D.C. 2011. Echolocation calls and wing morphology
of selected bats in western Uganda. pp. 29-34. PDF 1.11MB

Cooper, M.R. 2011. Austromyophorella, a new genus of Lower Cretaceous trigonioid bivalve from
South Africa. pp. 35-38. PDF 1.13MB

Pierce, M.W., Kearney, T., Seamark, E.C.J., Curran, M., Kopp, M. & Keith, M. 2011. New records and echolocation information of Laephotis botswanae (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae) from southern Africa. pp 39-44. PDF 1.15MB 


2010, VOLUME 33


Quickelberge, C.D. 2008 - 2010. The Butterflies (Lepidoptera) Of Kwazulu-Natal: Their Distribution, Abundance, Habitat, Foodplants, Flight Periods and Conservation Status. PDF 30.4 MB 


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