The Port Natal Maritime Museum deals exclusively with the city's seafaring tradition. It serves as a reminder that Durban was, and still is, the busiest port in Africa.

The museum, off Durban’s Esplanade, is a true voyage of discovery, it offers an exhibition hall, a number of small craft, and three ships for children to scramble about on as they learn a little about maritime history first hand. The 75-year-old Ulundi, with its coal-fired engine, is the oldest of the ships on display.

The comparatively sprightly 38-year-old JR Moore, which was driven by an oil-burning engine, also worked as a tugboat in the harbour, but was well equipped to brave the open sea during salvage operations. The largest of the three ships is the SAS Durban, a 42-year-old naval minesweeper. The Britannia Exhibition Hall offers exhibits that encompass the entire nautical experience, from weather prediction equipment to navigation by the stars, and communication equipment linking ships at sea to dry land.

The museum is available for school tours.

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Bay End, Aliwal Street, Durban.
Opening Times: Monday to Saturday 8h30 to 15h45. Sunday 11h00 to 15h45  
Telephone: 311 2231
Fax: 311 2230

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