As part of the upliftment programme, a business corner has been established by the eThekwini Municipal Libraries.

'Business Corner' refers to space provided in the library which is dedicated to provide existing small businesses and prospective entrepreneurs with information on starting a business, business plans, where they can obtain finance, tender information, and managing their business effectively.


The libraries also provide training, workshops and advice on starting a business through partnerships with other business agents.

The library business corner has the following information:

  • Books (how to start your own business, etc)
  • Magazines
  • Directories
  • Videos
  • CD-Rom
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Pamphlets - from various organizations that promote small business
  • Internet access (which is free) to websites such as Business Referral and Information Network (BRAIN)

The eThekwini Minicipal Library takes responsibility in providing assistance in creating an entrepreneurial culture in communities, raising awareness about self employment so as to generate income and create jobs, as well as making libraries user friendly information points.