Who can join the eThekwini Municipal Library?

Everyone is welcome to use the resources of the eThekwini Municipal Library, and if you live or work in the municipal area membership is free of charge and valid for two years. After two years staff will ask you to fill in a re-registration form.

You may use any of EML’s branches, but material must be returned to the same library from which it was borrowed.

What is available to me as a member?

Books, magazines, newspapers, audio tapes, audio books, compact discs, video tapes,  DVDs, CD-ROMs and Teachers Collections are all available (some items are only available from selected branches).  All branches have photocopiers and staff are happy to help with reference queries. Children’s services are a priority and some branches offer storytelling and school holiday programmes.

How many items may I borrow ?

Adult members may borrow up to 7 books or magazines and 3 audio visual items.

Young adult members (age 12-18) may borrow up to 7 books or magazines and 2 audio-visual items.

Junior members (age 0 - 12) may borrow up to 5 books or magazines and 2 audio-visual items.

No library items will be issued or renewed without your membership card.

How long may I keep these items?

Books, magazines, tape cassettes and CDs may be borrowed for 14 days. Pensioners may borrow these items for 28 days. CD-ROMs may be borrowed for 7 days and videos and DVDs may be borrowed for 2 days.

You may ask the library staff to issue your books on a 28 day holiday extension if you are going on your annual holiday. Please ask the staff member for an extension before your books are issued. Books used for projects and assignments are limited to a loan period of 3 days.

What happens if I do not return or renew my books on time?

Fines are charged if items are not returned on time.  Different fines are charged for different types of material.

N.B.: Borrowers must pay their fines when they occur and only in exceptional circumstances can they be paid on the next visit.

May I renew my borrowed items?

Yes, by telephone or in person, provided that the item is not more than 7 days over due or has not been reserved by another borrower. If the item is overdue you must pay the fine on return to the library. If the item is more than 7 days overdue it will not be renewed.  If the item is reserved by another borrower it will only be renewed for 3 days.

CD-ROMs, DVDs and videos may not be renewed.

How can I find what I am looking for?
Fiction books (novels) are arranged on the shelves in alphabetical order according to the author’s surname, e.g. a book by Henry Denker will be found under DENK.

Non-fiction (information) books are arranged on the library shelves in subject order, with similar subjects being grouped together.  This is known as the Dewey Decimal Classification System, and books are arranged in numerical order.
A brief guide to the non-fiction classification system:

000     Encyclopaedias, computers
100     Philosophy, psychology
200     Religion
300     Sociology, law, politics, economics, social sciences, education
400     Languages
500     Sciences, mathematics, natural history
600     Technology, medicine, engineering, agriculture, management, building, cookery
700     Recreation, art, music, sport, crafts
800     Literature
900     Geography, history

Biographies are arranged alphabetically according to the surname of the person about whom the book is written.

Some titles are also available in LARGE PRINT.

Please remember...

1.Do not lend your books to anyone or let anyone else use your membership  card.

2. You are responsible for books issued and fines incurred on your membership  computer card.

3. ALWAYS produce your membership  card when books are issued to you.  Photostat copies of the card, or the  membership number alone are unacceptable.

4. Keep your card in a safe  place.  Notify staff immediately if your card is missing, or has been  stolen. You are responsible for the books taken out on your card even if it has been stolen. (Please remember to produce your identity  document when purchasing a replacement card.)

5. Keep staff informed of any changes to your address, name, or telephone  numbers.

6. Don’t be surprised if you find minor  changes in procedure in different libraries. Each library has its own constraints and adapts procedure to ensure efficiency in its particular situation. What is suitable in a small branch is not always suitable in a large one.

7. All tariffs are revised annually. Consult the tariff notices for current charges.


Happy reading!