The unit ensures that all events and protocol services within the municipality are organised efficiently and promote goodwill between councillors, officials and citizens.

All protocol and event coordination services ensure that there is effective internal and external communication and cooperation and that all events hosted within the municipality promote the economic, political and social well being of the municipality.

Key Performance Areas

  • Co-ordinate and manage all council events and related protocol services, e.g. Mayoral Receptions, significant national days, senior citizens events clinic opening etc. This excludes council and executive council meetings. These events will be the responsibility of City Hall administration.

  • Co-ordinate, manage and network all municipal events organized by the city entities such as the International Convention Centre, Durban Africa, Durban Film Office and Durban Investment Promotion Agency. This coordination role includes events organized in collaboration with National and Provincial government departments and ministries. Participate and support the rationalization and consolidation of all the city entities to ensure effective integration and effective utilization of municipal staff and resources. Special focus will also be given to Celebrate Durban 2004 and the Decade of Democracy Celebrations.

  • Logistics co-ordination for all events hosted in the municipality. This includes providing the city’s political and administrative leadership with a weekly spreadsheet of all events in the municipality and the arrival of any dignitaries from government and abroad to the city. Provide 365 days logistics co-ordination service to all relevant stakeholders within the municipality.