To be the market of choice in the distribution of bulk fresh produce in South Africa. 

To provide a superior level of service to all stakeholders within the fresh produce industry

Customer Care, Durban Fresh Produce Market is committed to delivering quality service to a wide range of the market’s customers.

We are committed to providing a secure, clean, healthy and safe environment thus ensuring that customers are able to conduct their business most effectively.

Integrity and Ethics
Durban Fresh Produce Market conducts its business with honesty, fairness and respect. 

Historical Background
The city of Durban, located on the east coast of South Africa, has long since been known for its magnificent beaches, friendly people and great all year round weather. Durban is also home to the Durban Fresh Produce Market that is nestled about 9km from the city’s centre on the outskirts of the central business district where it is located remotely enough to avoid the traffic congestion characteristic of a city environment  yet remains sufficiently close to adequately service the city’s commercial hub.

Ranked as the third largest public commission market in South Africa, in both turnover and tonnage of produce, the Durban Market has established itself as a formidable player in the industry. For a long time, this facility was the only one that boasted cooled sales halls which have recently been up-graded to include air-curtains at all main entrances. Four decades post the commissioning of this facility back in 1975, the Durban Market has been successful in ensuring the up-keep of its excellent facilities which include thirty ripening rooms and eight bulk cold storage rooms that it offers as part of the service to its suppliers and buyers alike.

Organized fresh produce marketing is nothing new on the Durban landscape as it has its beginnings on New Year’s Day in 1876 when the Market House first opened its doors in the city centre. Since then, the market has had to move locations thrice due to the ever increasing demand and supply of fresh produce both locally and nationally. As with all public markets in South Africa, Durban Market functions on a commission-based system. This system allows the market’s owner, the eThekwini Municipality, and the market’s six market agents the opportunity to receive commission from producers for the services supplied to producers.

Durban Fresh Produce Market has a wide range of customers requiring different types of services. It is our objective to achieve ever-increasing levels of satisfaction by providing a quality service. Conversely, our producers/suppliers are a vital part of our resources. We will continue to develop and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships with producer/suppliers who share the commitment of achieving increasing levels of customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in quality and service. On a monthly basis, the Durban Fresh Produce Market continues to witness growth in both its supplier and buyer databases. This is a trend that the market endeavors to continuously cultivate through its mission to provide a superior level of services for the distribution of fresh produce within the KwaZulu-Natal province and surrounding areas in a cost-effective manner, thus improving the quality of life of all citizens.

The Durban Fresh Produce Market will continue to offer excellent access into the market, a secure environment, a clean environment, excellent response time and a wide selection of fresh produce with a vision to be the market of choice in the distribution of bulk fresh produce in South Africa.

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