The Support Services staff members have formed relationships with various companies that assist by making donations towards projects. Companies donate with different promotional materials such as eatable items and stationery’s.

The nature of the programme is ongoing, therefore demanding continuous partnerships between government, private sector and educational institutions. The programme requires continuous contributions from the following.

Department of Education: To identify impoverished schools that will benefit from the City’s programmes.

Other government departments and public entities: To donate    educational resources and provide counsel on how to secure government funding and bursaries.

UKZN/DUT/MUT: To provide guidance to all on how to apply, tertiary requirements and adequate courses to choose at varsity level.

Private sector companies exhibit, donate/sponsor impoverished schools with educational material(s), bursaries and funds the schools/students according to their requirements.

All our partners work together to ensure the continuity, success and sustainability of our programmes.