Why Youth Programme?
The Programme seeks to empower young people of eThekwini Municipal area with entrepreneurial skills. Our vision is to create conducive environment and support youth development initiatives in order to improve socio-economic status of young people. We are responsible for promoting, advocating, lobbying and facilitating for an enabling environment that seeks to improve access to skills, employability and entrepreneurship of young people.
What does the Youth Programme entail?
The Programme has four (4) focal areas namely; Entrepreneurial skills; Organisational Development and Capacity Building; Local Youth Fora and Youth Outreach Programme.
Entrepreneurial skills project is aimed at empowering youth already in business with skills that will enable them to compete in the mainstream economy. The projects is implemented in partnership with the Business Support and Skills Development Units. Companies that have been trained have formed a consortium that coordinates activities and support one another in developing their businesses.
Organizational Development and Capacity building project emphasizes on empowering youth formations with capacity to effectively manage their organizations. We focus on four areas. First is the empowerment of youth formations to contribute positively in addressing social imbalances. Second is fighting unemployment. Third is improving organizational discipline amongst youth organizations. Last is enabling youth to participate on Council matters.
Local Youth Forums have been established in all wards. This strengthens the notion of participatory democracy. Each LYF will report directly to a ward Committee. These structures will ensure youth participation and serve as channels for disseminating information. They will also interact with KwaZulu Natal South Africa Youth Council (KZNSAYC) and support Youth Office in championing youth interests.
Youth Outreach project is designed to highlight available opportunities of r the youth to be able to fight poverty and create jobs. Various departments are invited to attend such gatherings. This project has three objectives. Firstly, is the empowerment of youth to widen their scope of business initiatives. Secondly, it allows different departments to evaluate the relevance of services rendered to young customers. And lastly, Youth database is constantly updated.
The Youth office celebrates National days events in partnership with other role players such as the Provincial Youth Commission. Celebration of Youth day is part of Nation-building initiatives and it is a way of keeping South Africa youth in touch with their history.