Why Vulnerable Groups Programme?
A number of groups with specific needs have neglected for quite some time. EThekwini Municipality saw it important that such groups should be treated with dignity and specialty they deserve. This is the reason why Vulnerable Groups programme came into being. This programme though is at initiation stage since the first move is to develop a policy for Vulnerable Groups. The envisaged policy has to deal with issues affecting vulnerable groups within the eThekwini Municipality. We however support initiatives of other government department and civil society organizations’ initiatives targeting vulnerable groups.
What does Vulnerable Groups Programme entail?
EThekwini Municipality thus far through, our integrated development Plan (IDP) has identified groups regarded as vulnerable.
These groups are:
  • People with disabilities
  • Children
  • Elderly
  • Homeless
  • Refugees
  • People suffering from incurable diseases like HIV/AIDS
  • Youth
  • Women
Through policy development process, needs and areas affecting these vulnerable groups will be identified. The identification of needs will exclude youth and gender because the process has already been done for these two groups. During policy development process strategies on programmes/projects for implementation that will benefit vulnerable groups will be compiled. This will include strategies that promote or advocate inter sectoral and inter-governmental collaboration with other stakeholders within eThekwini Municipality. The most critical part in this programme is the development of guidelines on the effective engagement in various programmes aimed at engaging the various groups in decision-making processes of the Municipality. Database development and training needs identification will form of this programme.