What Stakeholder Participation programme
To create an enabling environment for citizens to actively participate on all Council processes and thereby making them influence decisions taken by the Council resulting in improved standard of living.
This programme aims at strengthening partnerships with various stakeholders and establishes linkages with other role players within the municipality. It also ensures that other government departments, parastatals and civil society structures are engaged during integrated development Plan’s development and review as well as budgeting processes.
What does stakeholder Participation Programme entail?
This is the umbrella programme for projects like:
Community based Programmes, Community Based Structures and special projects e.g. identity document and birth certificates registration project. Stakeholder Participation Programme serves four purposes. Firstly, it ensures improved systems of governance in our municipality. Secondly, it enhances community participation and community action. Thirdly, community structures and individuals have full access to local government. And lastly; it enables, strengthens and activates structures and individuals to make meaningful contribution in Council programmes and policies. There are five strategic goals underpinning stakeholder participation.
Strategic Goal 1 aims at effecting a behavior change to a state where both elected representatives and administration council officials work with communities in the ICICE mode, namely, inform, consult, involve, collaborate and empower.
Strategic Goal 2 seeks to ensure that the doors to the local government political and administration structures are open to all members of the community at all times.
Strategic Goal 3 aims at creating mechanism, processes and procedures that enable the local community to hold their local government democratically accountable, contribute to policies that are being developed, and participate in planning and budgetary processes.
Strategic Goal 4 looks at inculcating a positive consumer care culture within the municipal services delivery system and promoting a reciprocal consumer responsibility among citizens. Strategic Goal 5 aims at establishing and sustaining an enabling support programme for citizens to take action, mobilize resources and make development happen in their communities.