Why poverty Alleviation Programme?
 Since the advent of democracy great strides have been made to transform all spheres of government. There has also been accelerated service delivery to the previously disadvantaged communities. However, given South Africa’s legacy of uneven development large numbers of the population are still trapped in cycles of poverty, hence the establishment of Poverty Alleviation Programme. This programme has been develop as an intervention that aims to relieve the impact of poverty and to assist people to escape the cycle of poverty and indigence.
The programme is aimed at providing sustainable economic and social intervention that are linked to IDP and growth Strategy of eThekwini Municipality. This promotes co-ordination of services between government and other role-players.
What does the Poverty Alleviation Programme entail?
This program focuses on two types of interventions namely; economic and social interventions.
Economic Interventions include Co-operatives development and support. These co-operatives are involved mainly in grass cutting and cleaning projects. EThekwini Municipality through this programme establishes co-operatives as part of its poverty alleviation strategy. These co-operatives are constituted by indigent people ranging from 12 to 35 per group. Poverty Alleviation Office is responsible for training of both administrators and members of co-operatives.
Our Social Intervention is in the form of food security project which runs fourteen (14) soup kitchens within our municipal area.