Why Gender Programme?
EThekwini Municipality’s Gender Vision is working towards the attainment of gender equality so that all men and women have equal opportunities to participate and benefit in all development processes. The city focuses on the empowerment of women and the involvement of men. This vision aims at transforming unequal gender relations in order to realize the potential of citizens in the municipal area.
Our gender programme seeks to promote change in terms of gender equality and women empowerment within eThekwini Municipality and in our community as a whole. This programme is formulated in a manner that addresses needs expressed through the IDP process. It is also in line with the South African National Policy Framework for Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equity.
What does Gender Programme entail?
The programme has five focal areas: occupational and community capacity building targeting men and women young and old, gender machinery; institutional development; community action support and social integration projects.
Occupational and Community Building aims at the development of specific gender skills, such as gender concepts, gender mainstreaming, gender-based analysis and advocacy.
Gender Machinery is the internal structure which has been established to implement, monitor and evaluate the Gender Policy and the impact of other municipal policies on both men and women.
Institutional Development entails establishing structures like Gender forum, Women’s Forum, Women’s Caucus and Men’s Forum.
Community Action Support aims at recognizing and supporting community initiatives that promote gender equality. Support is given in the form of capacity building, joint implementation of awareness projects and the initiation of self-sustainable activities.
Social Integration aims at promoting gender equality through social interaction and partnership with diverse stakeholders (i.e. Government department, civic society and the Private sector). Special campaign that are held annually include Women’s day (National and International), August Month and Sixteen Days of Activism