Sectoral programmes section focuses on the following programme
§  Poverty Alleviation programme
This programme has been developed as an intervention that aims to relieve the impact of poverty and to assist people to escape the cycle of poverty and indigence. The programme is aimed at providing sustainable economic and social intervention that is linked to IDP and growth strategy of eThekwini municipality.
Community Gardens programme co-ordinator: Shane Padayachee
Tel no. 031 311 6178
E-mail address:
Co-operative programme coordinator: Phindi Zungu
Tel no. 031 311 6173
Soup Kitchen programme co-ordinator: Khethani Sithole
§  Vulnerable groups
A number of groups with specific needs have been neglected for sometime, eThekwini municipality saw it important that such groups should be treated with dignity and speciality they deserve. This programme is at intiation stage since the first move is to develop a policy for vulnerable groups with the aim of promoting and protecting the rights of vulnerable group.
These groups are:
Disability sector
Women and youth
People suffering from incurable diseases
Programme coordinator for Children: Mpume Shangase
Contact no.: 031 311 6269
Programme coordinator Elderly person: Phindi Gumede
Contact no.: 031 311 6269
Programme coordinator Disability sector:  Bhekimpi Mchunu
Contact no.: 031 311 6269
§  Gender
EThekwini municipality’s gender vision is working towards the attainment of gender equality so that all men and women have equal opportunities to participate and benefit in all development processes. The city focuses on promoting gender equality, women empowerment, and gender mainstreaming. The vision aims at transforming unequal gender relations in order to realise the potential of citizens within eThekwini.
Institutional development entails establishing structures like gender forums, women; forum, act.  
 Community action support aims at recognising and supporting community initiatives that promote gender equality. Support is given in the form of capacity building, joint implementation of awareness projects and the initiation of self-sustainable activities.
Programme coordinator for Gender : Ntombi Shange
Contact no.: 031 311 6269
§  Youth
The programme seeks to empower young people of eThekwini municipality with entrepreneurial skills. Our vision is to create conducive environment and support youth development initiatives in order to improve socio-economic status of young people.
The programme focuses on four focus areas; entrepreneurial skill, organisational development and capacity building, local youth fora and youth outreach programme. Entrepreneurial skills project is aimed at empowering youth that already in business with skills that will enable them to compete in the mainstream economy. The project is implemented in partnership with business support Unit and other relevant stakeholders.
Programme coordinator for Youth: Simon Stan
Contact no.: 031 311 6269
E-mail address: