Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises are vital contributors to the health of the economy and offer a diversity of opportunities in our society. They boost productivity, increases competition and innovation creates employment/prosperity as well as revitalizes our communities.

The Business Support Programme creates an enabling environment for these enterprises, including access to finance, entrepreneurial skill development, training, mentoring and coaching etc.  Through this Programme  a platform is created for  various sector projects such as  tourism development , arts & craft , women/youth empowerment , access to markets , construction , ICT , business linkages , exhibitions and Fairs etc. 
Access to Finance.jpg Access to Finance
The primary objective of the Access to Finance Programme is to develop and empower SMMEs financially in order to avoid such failure, and thereafter enable them to access finance from financial institutions.​ More...

Arts and Craft Development Programme.jpg Arts and Craft Development Programme
Individuals are provided with a technical skill, which they will use to generate income and is a direct intervention to poverty alleviation.​ More...

Business Linkages.jpg Business Linkages Programme
This program is borne out of the realization of the inability of SMMEs to secure mainstream opportunities in both the public and private sector.​ More ...

Commonwealth Local.jpg Commonwealth Local Government Forum Best Practice Scheme
In partnership with its Sister City Leeds City Council, the eThekwini Municipality together with Steve Tshwete obtained collaborative funding from the CLGF to embark. More...

Construction.jpg Construction Sector Support Programme
The intention of this programme is to bridge the gap identified during Construction Business growth research, conducted in 2008. More ...

Cooperative Development Programme.jpg ​​​Cooperative Development Programme
The prime aim of this programme is to improve and provide capacity to the
cooperatives. This is done to ensure the improvement of the quality of service
rendered, sustained income generation, job creation and competitiveness with
the aim of better positioning the cooperatives to take advantage of the
opportunities emerging in local, provincial and national, African and International
markets. More ...
Durban Business Fair.jpg Durban Business Fair
The annual DURBAN BUSINESS FAIR, formerly known as the SMME Fair, was launched in 1998. It is aimed at mainly showcasing the high quality goods and services produced by SMMEs operating within the eThekwini region. More...

DurbanFashionFair.jpg Durban Fashion Fair
The Business Support, Tourism and markets unit has been engaged in the fashion development programme from 2008 when it incorporated the fashion show to what was called the SMME Main Fair and currently known as Durban Business Fair. More

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Lions’ Den Programme.jpg Lions’ Den Programme
The Lions’ Den Programme is a Sister City programme between eThekwini Municipality and the Leeds City Council. More...

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Commonwealth Local.jpg Sister City Programmes
EThekwini Municipality has formed partnerships with various cities around the
world as strategic international interventions. More ...

Support to Enterprise.jpg Support to Enterprise
Through an integrated support service, the Support to Enterprise programme is
designed and aimed at facilitating skills development, mentorship, coaching and
support to business enterprises. More ...

​Tourism Development.jpg Tourism Development Programme Community Tourism Organizations (CTOS)
The City has identified Community Tourism Organisations (CTOs) as one of the
key instruments for promoting the development of tourism in local communities
as well as facilitating the broader transformation of tourism in the City. More...​

Umkhumbane Entrepreneurial.jpg Umkhumbane Entrepreneurial Support Centre
Established in 2002, the Umkhumbane Entrepreneurial Support Centre (UESC)
exists mainly to contribute to the broader development of manufacturing
businesses in the eThekwini Municipal area. More...

Women Empowerment.jpg Women Empowerment Programme
The programme’s main aim is to raise the profile of women in business whilst
continuously striving to address their business needs through the implementation of the Productive Capacity Building Programme which includes
mentorship and training. More ...