The management and development of informal economy, especially street trading and retail markets, is a task involving declaration of management zones, demarcation of trading areas, issuing of permits, organizing traders into area committees that feed into citywide forum, and the ongoing collection of rentals.

Coupled with this is the necessary enforcement of regulations and dispute resolution where the interests of residents, traders and the formal economy come into conflict. The numbers of retail and flea markets, business incubators / hives have been set up to provide entry level for emerging entrepreneurs. 
The key Function Areas of the Informal Economy are:
  • To provide a management service in accordance with Council policy and within National, Provincial and other legislation to trading in public spaces.
  • Identify new and existing areas for management, upgrading and development for recommendation to Council and their funding sources.
  • Provide community consultation service with relevant stakeholders on behalf of Council.
  • Provide a related public enquiries service.
  • Identify, implement and monitor support program and opportunities.
  • Initiate and provide policy documents related to all street trading issues in council.
Sector Priorities
  • To identify and agree on specific trading zones in order to ensure effective enforcement and regulation with reasonable trading opportunities. 
  • To develop linkages between the first and second economies, supporting the “graduation” of street traders from the second to the first economy. 
  • To make business development support and capacity building services available to traders in the informal economy. 
  • To find synergies between street traders and formal businesses through specific programmes, such as cleaning and greening and formal businesses "adopting" traders.

Regional Offices
Warwick Avenue Office (Dbn Central), Area Manager: Emmanuel Nzuza​
22 Stratford Rd. Durban 4001
Tel: (031) 202 5785 or 031 201 2453    
Fax: (031) 202 5807
Cell: 073 070 3511​
​ ​
Coastal Areas Office, Area Manager: Vumi Mchunu​
40  Boscombe Joc Terrace, Victoria Park 
Tel: (031) 368 1660
Fax: (031) 368 1741
Cell: 083 626 9669​​​
​ ​
Isipingo Office: Southern Areas, Area Manager: Samson Chiya​
16 Inwabi Road, Isipingo
Tel: (031) 902 2024   
Fax: (031) 902 9171
Cell: 083 626 8879 ​​
​ ​
Verulam Office: Upper North, Area Manager: Andreas Mkhize​
151 Wick Street, Verulam
Tel: (031) 322 1793 / 82
Fax: (032) 533 9945
Cell: 083 377 6174​​
​ ​
Pinetown Office: Inner & Outer West, Area Manager: Nomonde Mlolongo​
60 Kings Rd., Pinetown Civic Centre
Tel: (031) 311 6287  
Fax: (031) 311 6281
Cell: 083 488 3443​​ ​
​ ​
Kwa Mashu Office: INK Areas & Phoenix, Area Manager: Justice Dlamini​
E. 1139 Cnr. of  Ntombela and Malandela Rd.
Tel: (031) 311 4612
Fax: (031) 311 4614
Cell: 083 6814 406

Retail Markets exist to provide trading facilities to informal business people and are located throughout the eThekwini Municipality. A myriad of products such as jewellery and clothing can be bought from the many trading stalls located in retail markets such as the Phoenix Millennium Market, the Fragrance Market & Mansell Road Market. Not all markets within the Unit carry a mixed offering.

Specialist markets such as the Ezimbuzini Market and the Berea Herb Market sell herbs, and the likes of the Tongaat Market sells both fruit and vegetables whilst the English Market caters for a variety of entrepreneurs.

For more information on Retail Market eThekwini_Retail_Markets.pdfPlease Click here
Thulani Nzama
Tel: (031) 311 4634 Email:


Contact Person: Michael Hlangu
Tel: 031 308 9900/38