The Business Support, Tourism and markets unit has been engaged in the fashion development programme from 2008 when it incorporated the fashion show to what was called the SMME Main Fair and currently known as Durban Business Fair. The objective of sector development programme is to enhance the skills of the local fashion designers and to broaden industry related knowledge, conduct research in the sector, add a positive impact in the fashion industry, reviewing the current status of the sector and its industries, encouraging the youth to participate in the sector, enhancing the fashion designers marketing capabilities and skills, acquire more knowledge in terms of the international markets needs, creating employment opportunities, attracting international buyers to consider South African Products, penetrating the international market, competing with international sector, encouraging the whole value to chain to work together.
The development programme will take the designers through the various steps that will assist in terms of growing the skill and knowledge of the sector. As part of the growth the programme will also focus on the business management skills that will assist the designers to treat their talent as business as it’s their source of income and to apply business skills to grow their businesses.

Sindi Shangase
Tel: +27(0) 31 311 4497 / 4500

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