This program is borne out of the realization of the inability of SMMEs to secure mainstream
opportunities in both the public and private sector. The unit therefore acts a conduit in advocating
business opportunities available in the corporate sector and clearly understands the required standards and compliance measures. On understanding these business opportunity requirements, the most suitable SMMEs are identified and matched with business opportunities and possible business deals.

All SMMEs are invited to the business linkages database and undergo a screening and vetting process to evaluate quality of product and service offerings before any linkages can take place. The selected
SMMEs are attached to corporate companies based on need.

The SMMEs that do not get through the selection phase are advised on the necessary interventions that need to be implemented in order to improve the enterprise advantage going forward, and provide the necessary business development support. Prior to any linkages with any entity, the first step is to get onto the supplier database of any entry for further due diligence.

Elizabeth Nhliziyo
Tel: +27(0) 31 322 6201  / 4500 

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