Individuals and Cooperative are provided with soft and technical skills, which they will use to generate income and is a direct intervention to poverty alleviation. Within the selected areas, individuals are trained and then encouraged to form a business entity that will be trading in telephone wire and beaded products.

The unit also hosts sector specific arts and crafts empowerment workshops to equip the SMMEs with sector specific information and assists the SMME’s to access markets through exhibitions. There are various annual national exhibitions where the artists and crafters are exposed and financially sponsored by the unit to participate in shows like the Durban Business Fair, Baba Indaba and SA Handmade Collection Expo etc..

The programme also extends to international exhibitions hence markets through sister city relationships where applicable and even outside of the sister cities network.

Sindi Shangase
Tel: +27(0) 31 311 4497 / 4500

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