Vision of The Department:

To grow the economy by improving the productivity of SMME’s in the Agri-Business value chain through customised solutions that reduce barriers to markets through embracing science, innovation and technology whilst increasing their contribution to eThekwini GDP.


The Department Key Focus Area

In 2020 the Council approved and adopted the eThekwini Agribusiness Master Plan which proposed 5 key commodities which the municipality will focus on for the next 10 years. The key targeted commodities are as follows: -

Cannabis and

EThekwini Agribusiness Master Plan is a guiding document that aligns eThekwini agricultural initiatives with current agricultural development approaches nationally and the KwaZulu-Natal Province.

For the implementation of the eThekwini Agribusiness Masterplan various funding options e.g. Direct Funding by Municipality; Fund raising through government programmes; Foreign Direct and Local Investment will have to be explored.